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President's Report



Happy New Year to everybody! Hopefully, everybody survived the “Happy Holidays” and are now focused on getting back o work! 2019 is shaping to be another busy year if the work load at my office is indicative of the local economy. I do not have a crystal ball, so I cannot predict how long this busy work schedule will continue. It doesn’t help that the stock market is tanking right now. It might be a harbinger of a recession to come. Best to be prepared and be as knowledgeable as possible by attending our next meeting.


The topic will be on Rainwater Harvesting. I have heard the speaker before at the last convention, and he is quite knowledgeable. Usually plumbing engineers get a quote from a vendor for a complete rainwater harvesting system and the idea is immediately shelved because the cost is too high. The vendors tour the advantages of how their system can communicate with the building management system but the only communication the owner hears is the cost is too high.


If plumbing engineers could actually design the systems from scratch, it would really bring the cost down to a reasonable level. What are the minimum design standards for toilet flushing with rainwater? There is still a lot of controversy about the proper design of a rainwater harvesting system. Come to the meeting and get your questions answered.


My first rainwater harvesting system did get built and is working right now. It was used for toilet and urinal flushing. My first mistake was not advising the owner to do away with the green roof because it was the same roof used for rainwater collection. Green roofs and rainwater collection do not mix! The motivation was to maximize the LEED points. The water will turn brown from the dirt of the green roof. Nobody wants brown water in their toilet! The owner waited a couple of years for most of the discoloration to disappear. Some other issues were too high of a filtration level and not enough disinfection. At any rate it is working now! It is a minimalist system.


I do a fair amount of rainwater harvesting at home, but it is limited to saving water in barrels for gardening and filling the pond. The barrels are not nearly large enough to be of any significant use.


We are fortunate that the Uniform Plumbing Code has a full chapter dedicated to this subject. I have not used this, but it does mean that there are standards out there for your use. Hopefully, it does not increase the costs and discourage the concept.



Frank van der Harst

ASPE Seattle -President

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VP Membership Report

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all were able to enjoy your holiday time with friends and family.


Thanks to Steve Jones, with Stone-Drew, Ashe, & Jones for his presentation on Digital Hot Water Mixing Valves. The presentation was well received by the attendees.   Thanks again Steve.


This month’s presentation will be on Rainwater Harvesting Systems.  Eddie Van Giesen, the National Sales Manager with Raincycle, will be our presenter.


As you may have seen in the last issue of Plumbing Engineering magazine, the Seattle chapter can claim two new ASPE CPDT recipients.  Austin Hanks and Joe Schumacher both, from Auburn Mechanical, passed the most recent ASPE Certified Plumbing Design Technician exam.  Congratulations to you both.  More initials to add to your titles.  The CPD exam I’m sure is next on your list.


We have two new members to add to the Seattle chapter.  Linda Coppa, with Katerra, and Jennifer Moore, with Tres West Engineering have joined the chapter.  Please make sure to go out of your way to welcome them both to the club when you see them at one of our meetings or functions.


The following are celebrating anniversaries with ASPE in January:


·         Mike Bell                                          1 year

·         Carmen Cejudo                               7 years

·         Daniel Frahm                                   2 years

·         Jon Franzese                                 11 years

·         Tom Hagensen                                5 years

·         Jason Hewitt                                   11 years

·         David Jacques                                15 years

·         Bob Lawrence                                  5 years

·         Mike LeMaster                                 1 year

·         Scott Miller                                     11 years

·         Mike Minniti                                     3 years

·         Ben Muyres                                    1 year

·         Greg Nanadjanians                        6 years

·         Chad Nelson                                  1 year

·         David Nicolai                                  1 year

·         David Norris                                   1 year

·         David Reames                                9 years

·         Simon Reynolds                             6 years


Congratulations to you all.


If you’re not already an ASPE member, please consider joining the Seattle chapter.  This is a great venue to network with other engineers and vendors.


Gary Fox – VP Membership

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Legislative Report


King County Senior Plumbing Inspector, Steve Nastruz and Senior Plans Examiner, Steven Hart attended the IAPMO annual conference in Philadelphia, PA from September 30th through October 4th. Steve Nastruz was honored by being named 2018 IAPMO Government Person of the Year.


ASSE 1087-2018, "Performance Requirements for Commercial and Food Service Water Treatment Equipment Utilizing Drinking Water," has been designated as an American National Standard by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and is now available for purchase.

The standard covers all water-treatment products that are connected to the building’s plumbing system for potable water. Examples of water treatment equipment include deionizers, filters, softeners, reverse osmosis equipment, ultraviolet systems, ozone systems, and distillers. The standard is not intended to cover products used for wastewater applications, process water, or residential water treatment.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded more than $20.8 million to Nevada for drinking water and wastewater infrastructure improvements.

“These funds will be used for 30 local projects that will boost the economy while improving water systems,” said EPA Pacific Southwest Regional Administrator Mike Stoker. “EPA is committed to investing in local infrastructure that will benefit the communities we serve.”

EPA awarded about $20.8 million to Nevada’s clean water and drinking water State Revolving Fund programs. These federal funds are supplemented with state funding sources, which together provide low-interest loans for wastewater and drinking water infrastructure projects. As money is repaid to the revolving loan fund, Nevada funds new infrastructure projects.


 To apply:

  1. Click here to download the fillable pdf application.
  2. Upload the completed application at aspe.org/CommitteeForm.



Disneyland cooling towers were likely the cause for all 22 cases in a Legionnaires' disease outbreak last year, said Orange County Health Care Agency Dr. Matthew Zahn in his testimony before an appeals board judge at the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The Los Angeles times report that according to Zahn, tests around the time of the outbreak showed high levels of Legionella bacteria in two of Disneyland's cooling towers, which likely spread contaminated droplets to people in the park.

In March, Disneyland was cited and fined $33,000 by the Cal-OSHA for failing to properly clean cooling equipment.

Disneyland is appealing the state fines and say their cooling towers can't be scientifically determined as the source of the outbreak.

Read the full story:



The public comment form, as well as instructions and background on IAPMO's ANSI-accredited consensus-development process, can be found here: http://codes.iapmo.org/form_comments_upc_umc_2021.aspx

Michael Curtright, CPD, LEED AP, Vice-President, Legislative



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Cole Industrial, Inc.

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Technical Report


January is a great time to look back and forward and make some commitments to goals in your personal and professional lives. I hope everyone had some time to reflect over the holidays and find something that makes them happy, friends, family, pets or the great outdoors! I hope everyone had an excellent winter holiday break and focusing on some new goals for 2019. I am looking forward to the 2nd half of our presentations in 2019 as well as our well-planned and attended product show in March!

Happy New Years!



Announcements & Reminders

As Board members, our first priority is to support our members and provide the learning and development opportunities to help them grow professionally. I am already scheduling for the 2019-2020 meetings so if you have any topics to recommend or a great speaker that visited your office and you want to see present to the group, please let me know!


We are still planning a joint event with the Seattle ASHRAE chapter targeting sometime in fall 2018. We are proposing either a joint general meeting or perhaps a Young Engineers event. If you have any suggestions or are part of both Chapters and want to be involved in the planning, please let me know.


A reminder for the fall, the 2019 ASPE Technical Symposium will be held in Pittsburgh, PA from October 24th – 27th.  28 – October 3. If you are interested in being a presenter for one of the technical sessions, you can find out more information here: https://www.aspe.org/CallforPresenters

There is also a small product show and Affiliate members can find more information here: https://aspe.org/sites/default/files/webfm/pdfs/2019_TechSymSponsorContract_fillable.pdf


Upcoming Technical Meetings





Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systems

G Edward Van Giesen (RainCycle Rainwater, Watts Water)


Medical Gas Equipment
Shannon McAfee (Pattons Medical)


Product Show

(TBD Technical Session)


Field Trip

(Seattle Aquarium TBD)


Dry Sprinkler Systems

Gregg Vlahakis (Viking Corp)



Jonathan Franzese P.E. PEng CPD

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JR Smith

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T&S Brass

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